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Map of the week – Sea water velocity

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This week, we have the pleasure to inform you that our catalogue of maps is growing! A new map layer on sea water velocity has been added in the European Atlas of the.

The map shows the sea surface current velocity fields near our coasts. The sea water velocity and direction of sea water velocity are measured by High Frequency Radar (HFR) in near real time. HFR is a land-based remote sensing instrument offering a unique insight to coastal ocean variability, by providing synoptic, high frequency and high resolution data at the ocean atmosphere interface.

This information is useful for maritime transportation, knowledge about currents can reduce the use of fuel and subsequently reduce costs of shipping. Currents have huge potential for future electricity generation by harnessing of the kinetic energy of marine currents.

The data displayed in this map has been provided by EMODnet Physics. This EMODnet Physics product integrates data from European HFR stations (Rubio et al, Front. Mar. Sci., 20 January 2017, and was developed in collaboration with JERICONEXT, CMEMS SE INCREASE and EuroGOOS HFR Task Team.

See the map:;p=w;bkgd=5;theme=202:0.75;c=1253866.2175874896,6984392.520144513;z=4