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Mediterranean Wind Wave Model

Among other services DHI (website), a Danish international company, together with HyMOLab (University of Trieste) developed a met-ocean database aimed at providing nearly 40 years of hourly time series of wind and wave conditions for the entire Mediterranean Sea at very high spatial resolution. The database, named MWMMediterranean Wind Wave Model – is based on numerical models (hindcast approach) and required intensive use of all existing measurements both for calibration and continuous validation purposes.

Given the above challenges, it clearly emerged from the beginning that only the availability of a comprehensive portal of marine data such as EMODnet Physics could deliver the required spatial and temporal homogeneity of data format / structure and ease the process of data collection for comparison purposes between observation and model data. The whole cal / val process of the MWM database is indeed based on a large amount of data retrieved via EMODnet Physics.

As often it is not an easy task for a met-ocean data user to clearly understand which data have been used in the calibration / validation phase of the hindcast database, the use of EMODnet as the main source for observed marine data collection is highlighted in the description of the DHI’s MWM product as EMODnet is both a robust and well-recognized reference which can be easily accessed and verified.


About DHI

DHI is an international firm with its headquarters in Denmark, which specializes in delivering solutions to various water challenges. Originating in an institute founded in 1964, DHI has about 30 offices throughout the world, with software development centres in Singapore and Denmark, and approximately 1100 employees.