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    The database on waste at ports in the EU was created in 2018 by CETMAR using the Ports 2013 data available in Eurostat web page ( It is the result of the aggregation and harmonization of datasets provided by several sources from all across the EU and is available for viewing and download on EMODnet web portal (Human Activities, Following the MARPOL Convention waste at ports have been reported by Ports indistincly in cubic meters (m3) and/or in tonnes (t) and classified as oily waste (Annex I), garbage (Annex V), sewage (Annex IV), harbour waste (garbage) and total amount*. These datasets include annual data when available and are updated in the following countries: Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden. *Total amount only report the sum of available values for each of the given units (m3 or tonnes).