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    EMODnet Chemistry aims to provide access to marine chemistry datasets and derived data products concerning eutrophication, acidity and contaminants. The importance of the selected substances and other parameters relates to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). This aggregated dataset contains all unrestricted EMODnet Chemistry data on eutrophication and acidity, and covers the Mediterranean Sea. Data were aggregated and quality controlled by the 'Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Hellenic National Oceanographic Data Centre (HCMR/HNODC)' in Greece. ITS-90 water temperature and water body salinity variables have also been included ('as are') to complete the eutrophication and acidity data. If you use these variables for calculations, please refer to SeaDataNet for the quality flags: Regional datasets concerning eutrophication and acidity are automatically harvested, and the resulting collections are aggregated and quality controlled using ODV Software and following a common methodology for all sea regions ( Parameter names are based on P35 vocabulary, which relates to EMODnet Chemistry aggregated parameter names and is available at: When not present in original data, water body nitrate plus nitrite was calculated by summing all nitrate and nitrite parameters. The same procedure was applied for water body dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN), which was calculated by summing all nitrate, nitrite, and ammonium parameters. Concentrations per unit mass were converted to a unit volume using a constant density of 1.25 kg/L. The aggregated dataset can also be downloaded as an ODV collection and spreadsheet, which is composed of a metadata header followed by tab separated values. This spreadsheet can be imported to ODV Software for visualisation (more information can be found at:

  • This dataset includes in situ observations of water sampling bottles collected during the PRE-SWOT experiment.

  • This dataset includes in situ observations of CTD casts collected during the PRE-SWOT experiment.

  • This data set includes recently published data used to assess the temporal evolution of pH in Atlantic and Mediterranean water masses exchanging at the Strait of Gibraltar (Long:-5.345, Lat: 36.137, Datum:WSG84) during the decade 2005-2015 and to calculate the magnitude of natural and anthropogenic components on total pH changes (Flecha et al., 2019). The database provides measurements of carbon system parameters in water samples collected at 3 stations that form the marine time series GIFT during 26 oceanographic campaigns conducted over the decade 2005–2015. Geographic coordinates of sampling stations are provided. Some physical data (i.e. temperature and salinity) are also included.

  • Mooring line deployed in the Espartel Sill located in the Strait of Gibraltar consisting of an uplooking Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) (Teledyne RD Instruments, Inc.), a currentmeter Nortek Aquadopp (Nortek AS), a CT (Conductivity Temperature) SBE 37 probe (Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.), and SAMI-pH and SAMI-CO2 Submersible Autonomous Moored Instruments (Sunburst Sensors, LLC.). CT, SAMI-pH and SAMI-CO2 were placed around 13 m above the sea bottom (360 m depth). The main objective is to monitor the Mediterrranean Outflow Water carbon parameters variability before it leaves the Mediterranean Basin to the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar.

  • This data set contains raw data for the pH time series at BOATS (Balearic Ocean Acidification Time Series) bay of Palma station located in the Balearic Islands Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB ) Bay of Palma Buoy (

  • This data set contains raw data for the temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen and pH time series at BOATS (Balearic Ocean Acidification Time Series) Cabrera National Park station.