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  • GEMS Survey Ltd. (GEMS) were contracted by Forewind Limited to undertake a bathymetric and geophysical survey of the Tranche A development area and two met mast locations (which were later revised) within the Dogger Bank Zone, in addition to a cable reconnaissance from Tranche A to the Yorkshire coastline. This survey was carried out between 8 July 2010 and 26 December 2010. The primary objectives of the survey were to produce sufficiently high resolution bathymetric and geophysical data and interpretations to allow regional interpretation for planning and modelling purposes; for met mast design to commence and to provide high quality data to inform further benthic and environmental surveys. GEMS supplied interpreted datasets compatible with ESRI ArcGIS software. The GIS data included bathymetry, sidescan sonar mosaics, seabed features, sediments and obstructions.