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    EMODnet Chemistry aims to provide access to marine chemistry data sets and derived data products concerning eutrophication, acidity and contaminants. The chemicals chosen reflect importance to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). ITS-90 water temperature and Water body salinity variables have been also included (as-is) to complete the Eutrophication and Acidity data. If you use these variables for calculations, please refer to SeaDataNet for having the quality flags: . This aggregated dataset contains all unrestricted EMODnet Chemistry data on Eutrophication and Acidity (14 parameters with quality flag indicators), and covers the North Sea with 587584 CDI records. Data were aggregated and quality controlled by 'Aarhus University, Department of Bioscience, Marine Ecology Roskilde' from Denmark. Regional datasets concerning eutrophication and acidity are automatically harvested and resulting collections are aggregated and quality controlled using ODV Software and following a common methodology for all Sea Regions ( When not present in original data, Water body nitrate plus nitrite was calculated by summing up the Nitrates and Nitrites. Same procedure was applied for Water body dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) which was calculated by summing up the Nitrates, Nitrites and Ammonium. Quality flags for Water body dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) should be disregarded since that currently they are not based on the original quality flags of nitrite, nitrate and ammonium. Parameter names are based on P35, EMODnet Chemistry aggregated parameter names vocabulary, which is available at: Detailed documentation is available at: Explore and extract data at:>NorthSea The aggregated dataset can be downloaded as ODV collection and spreadsheet, which is composed of metadata header followed by tab separated values. This spreadsheet can be imported to ODV Software for visualisation (More information can be found at: The original datasets can be searched and downloaded from EMODnet Chemistry Chemistry CDI Data and Discovery Access Service: