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    The dataset on freshwater aquaculture in the European countries was created in 2017 by AND-International for the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet). The dataset provides information about the location of freshwater finfish farms in the EU and partner countries where data are available. It is available for viewing and download on EMODnet web portal (Human Activities, For EU MSs, it relies mainly on data collected under the Regulation (EU) 2016/429 (the ‘Animal Health Law’). As far as partner countries are concerned, data have been collected in Norway and in the UK (Scotland only), where detailed data are provided online. Data provided here cover Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK (Scotland only). Each point has the following attributes (where available): status (Active, Expired, Inactive, Renewal), country, owner name, farm type (Carp, Diversified pond fish, Eel, Other diversified, Other specialised, Salmonids, Sturgeon, Trout), production method (Closed systems - recirculation, Ponds, Tanks/Raceways, Cages/Enclosures/Pens, Quarantine facility, Research facility, Other), production stage (Grow out for human consumption, Hatchery, Nursery, Brood stock, Put and take fisheries, Restoration of wild stock, Processing facility, Other), purpose (Commercial, Restocking, Other), Species from Source (English translation of the information provided on species grown in the source), point information (Polygon centroid, Original) depending on how the information is provided in the source (polygons or points), site_id and source_id (id from the source where available). The farm type relies on a typology established by AND-International, based on available information on species grown. A relational table provides harmonised information about species grown using Eurostat nomenclature for the Species Group (Carps, barbels and other cyprinids; Miscellaneous freshwater fishes; River eels; Salmons, trouts, smelts; Sturgeons, paddlefishes; Tilapias and other cichlids), the species name (commercial and scientific) and the code. Data have been updated for Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom. Data from Spain have been added.