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    High resolution case study for east of Angus and Aberdeenshire, UK. This habitat map was produced as a case study which applies the same modelling methods used for EUSeaMap 2016, but includes some higher resolution input data available for the study area. The higher resolution datasets are; ÔÇó Seabed substrate: EMODnet Geology provided the map of predicted seabed sediments at a resolution of 50 m. We used the outputs of a recent rock-mapping exercise in the NorthSea to supplement the sediment map. ÔÇó Depth to Seabed: the same bathymetry dataset as used by the EMODnet Geology case study (at a resolution of 50 m) was also provided by Cefas for the same area as the substrate dataset. All other input datasets are identical to those used in EUSeaMap 2016 for the Greater North and Celtic Seas model area, but regridding them to a resolution of 50m. The map describes seabed habitats according to both the EUNIS 2007-11 and MSFD predominant habitat classifications. For more information about this habitat map, see section 3.5.2 of the EMODnet Seabed Habitats Final Report.