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  • Bathymetry surveys carried out in the frame of INTELMAR Nucleu Programme, funded by the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation (ANCSI), projects no. PN19260101 “Study the dynamics of natural processes and hydro-geo-morphological risk assessment and vulnerability of marine and coastal zone due to climate change and human pressures". Measurements were carried out in order to map the geo-morphological features and habitat mapping in shallow waters (up to 10/20 m depth, in the Constanta coastal area).

  • These data consist of raw uncalibrated 38 and 120 kHz echosounder observations collected during a pelagic survey of the Chagos archipelago MPA (January 2015). Observations were collected from a pole-mounted system (transducers were fixed at a depth of 3m). Data include several transects recorded during the 19th January at the Swart seamount site (close to Diego Garcia). A calibration was conducted prior to the survey. Resultant transducer peak gain (G0) and Simrad correction factor (Sa) values were as follows: 38 kHz (power = 1000 W; pulse duration = 1.024 ms; G0 = 20.97 dB; Sa = -0.62 dB) and 120 kHz (power = 250 W; pulse duration = 1.024 ms; G0 = 24.5 dB; Sa = -0.29 dB).

  • Collection of Saildrone Atlantic Ocean to Mediterranean (ATL2MED) SD-1030

  • Collection of Saildrone Antarctica Circumnavigation Surface Data