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    An updated Broadscale habitat (BSH)map was created based on a WGS84 datum. The new BSH map for the site was produced by analysing and interpreting acousticdata(both existing data aquired as part of the Civil Hydrography Programme (CHP)and data newly acquired during a targeted survey), and ground truth data collected by twodedicated surveysof this site(EA survey- SNGN 03/13 and Cefas survey - CEND01/13Y). Four main BSHs were identified, ÔÇ£A4.1Highenergy circalittoral rockÔÇØ,ÔÇ£A4.2 Moderate energy circalittoral rockÔÇØ, "A5.1 Subtidal coarse sediment"and ÔÇ£A5.2 Subtidal sandÔÇØ.The circalittoral rock BSH are mapped as a complex, as it was not possible to delineate the energy regime based on available GIS data layers.