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    This report was commissioned by the Channel Coastal Observatory as part of the National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes of England. The programme is responsible for overseeing regular terrestrial ecological mapping of coastal areas in England, in order to provide up-to-date data for use by Local Authorities, the Environment Agency and Natural England to contribute to their reporting and monitoring requirements; this includes quantification of coastal change, assessing losses and gains for the Environment Agency's Regional Habitat Creation Programme, and supporting wider environmental and biodiversity monitoring requirements. The principal objective of this work is to provide priority habitat and selected supporting habitat extent data for the south east England region, ESE01; a coastal region extending from the Isle of Grain, Kent to Portland Bill, Dorset, including the Isle of Wight. This area incorporates approximately 1000 miles of coastline, with an area totalling 89913.2 hectares, and was previously mapped for the Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme in 2013. Following completion of the mapping, an accuracy assessment was undertaken and an analysis of habitat change by comparison with the 2013 habitat data.