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  • hydrological and hydrochemical data for Mediterranean Sea for 31-12-1947 - 26-05-1948

  • Timeseries oceanographic data for the period Jan 2011 - Feb 2014

  • Time series oceanographic data for period Feb-Apr 2011

  • Time series oceanigraphic data for the period Feb-Mar 2011

  • Timeseries oceanographic data for period Feb 2011 - Jan 2012

  • Long Time series oceanographic data for the period 2001-2014

  • PERSEUS Project Nutrients and DO2 Data in North Aegean Sea 2013

  • KRIPIS Project Nutrients, Dissolved Oxygen and Chlorophyll-A data in Aegean and Ionian Sea, 2014-2015

  • Repeat hydrography, as organized through the GO-SHIP network, is fundamental for detecting trends and variability also in the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean component of GO-SHIP is MedSHIP, and TAlPro is the western Mediterranean component. The TAlPro2022 cruise consisted of 26 full depth hydrographic stations crossing the Tyrrhenian Sea from north to south, then the Algero-Provencal Basin from south to north. Here the postcalibrated CTD data are made availiable. Postcalibration has been done by measuring dissolved oxygen and salinity on water samples collected by the rosette.

  • CTD, DO, pH, Light intensity coastal time serie over Tethys Bay, Antarctica