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  • Purpose, debit and coordinates of points from where seawater is extracted

  • The dataset entails the maritime spatial plan of Denmark that was adopted on September 29 2023.

  • Dive spots location

  • MPA zonation scheme

  • This layer summarizes the systems of calcarenite quarrels present on Favignana island

  • Human activities located in coastal area of Tavolara MPA (beach clubs, hotel, diving centers, mooring areas)

  • Nature Reserve is an area of importance to wildlife, which is protected under Ministerial order. Most are owned by the State. However, some are owned by organisations or private landowners, and persons interested in acquiring statutory protection for their lands can seek advice on this matter from the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage who are the parent department of the National Parks and Wildlife service in Ireland.

  • The Wild Atlantic Way Route is a long distance touring route along the West Coast of Ireland, stretching from Donegal to Cork. This dataset is a set of locations along the Wild Atlantic Way that are points of interest which a tourist or member of the public maybe interested in stopping at. These are a subset of the Discovery points dataset, they represent 15 of discovery points dataset that have been designated as “Signature Points”. These places are especially unique and shape the image of Ireland’s remarkable west coast.

  • The basic designation for wildlife is the Natural Heritage Area (NHA). This is an area considered nationally important for the habitats present or that holds species of plants and animals whose habitat needs protection. They are protected under the Wildlife (Amendment) Act of 2000. These areas have been designated by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Dept. of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

  • This dataset shows the distribution of fishing effort by fishing vessels according to the gear type used. Fishing effort is defined as the time spent engaged in fishing operations or time spent at sea, this time may be multiplied by a measure of fishing capacity, e.g. engine power. In this dataset fishing effort is measured as average hours spent actively fishing per kilometre square, per year. Data from years 2014 to 2018 was used to produce this data product for the Marine Institute publication the “Atlas of Commercial Fisheries around Ireland, third edition“ (