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Do you want to get an overall picture about EMODnet? Download now the infographic

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The "EMODnet in a nutshell" infographic provides a general overview of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet).

This describes:

  • the EMODnet mission
  • the five EMODnet strands currently consisting of :
    • the seven thematic portals providing access to marine data collected, stored and managed by Member States and regional aggregators, and creating data products;
    • six Sea-basin Checkpoints assessing the availability and fitness for purpose of marine data in different regions;
    • the EMODnet Central Portal giving access to data provided by all the thematic portals and allowing the retrieval of data layers from multiple portals;
    • the Ingestion Portal facilitating submission of new datasets;
    • and the EMODnet Secretariat who (i) ensures coherence between the different strands; (ii) monitors EMODnet; (iii) disseminates results, and (iv) analyses user feedback and statistics.
  • the EMODnet timeline
  • the EMODnet benefits

Download the infographic here!