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EMODnet resources for Atlantic Stakeholders

The EMODnet Central Portal and thematic sub portals already provide a wealth of data and products that are relevant for users and stakeholders beyond the EU. This section provides an overview of relevant EMODnet resources for Atlantic Stakeholders.


Observation and data resources from Horizon 2020 Projects with Atlantic coverage

EMODnet partners also participate in, and/or support, a range of European projects and initiatives aimed at improving marine observation activities and data collection, management and access to ensure collected observations/data are share and available openly to wide range of stakeholders from science, public sector, industry and civil society. Below are relevant project and associated resources with an Atlantic remit.

EMODnet is closely working with the large and international researchers, the wider marine research community, marine research infrastructures, and increasingly with the private sector, for the sharing of data through national data management centres, European infrastructures such as SeaDataNet and the EMODnet Data Ingestion portal. This ensures that research data are not only available in national repositories at the end of a project but are made available and harmonised and standardised to EU and International data standards, then integrated into EMODnet for long-term discovery and access by all.

As a result, EMODnet currently has more than 1 million of data sets as collected through SeaDataNet, and also in combination with EMODnet, from many research cruises and other ocean observations from research projects, industry and more.

In addition, EMODnet has a number of ongoing dialogues with European Horizon 2020 research and innovation projects, to ensure an optimized data flow from research projects to long-term discovery and access through EMODnet. These co-operations include the following projects:
H2020 iAtlantic:
H2020 Mission Atlantic:
H2020 AtlantECO:
H2020 Tri-Atlas:
H2020 ATLAS (2016-2020):
H2020 AtlantOS (2016-2019):
And more.

Through these projects, EMODnet is also building stronger partnerships with other regional marine observation and data initiatives and services, including the South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON).

Other resources