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Map of the week – European Maritime Day

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Map of the week – European Maritime Day

This week we celebrate the European marine and maritime activities, as a contribution to Europe Day which took place the 9th of May. Seventy years ago, the foundation stone was laid for European solidarity, unity and peace. Now in the spirit of European solidarity EU member countries stand together to tackle pan-European issues and the current COVID-19 crisis.

In the marine realm, Europe has an Integrated Maritime Policy[1]. This includes a number of cross-cutting policies designed to coordinate European marine and maritime activities, including blue growth, marine data and knowledge, marine spatial planning, integrated maritime surveillance and regional strategies.

Each year, the marine and maritime community in Europe come together for European Maritime Day (EMD). Established in 2008, the EMD Conference showcases the current state of play on a broad range of issues concerning the blue economy and the marine environment. It is a meeting point for stakeholders spanning research, industry, policy and civil society to discuss development within the sector and forge joint actions on marine and maritime affairs promoting sustainable use and interaction with our seas and Ocean.

This map of the week shows the venues for the annual European Maritime Day stakeholder conference since its inception. European Maritime Day 2020[2] was planned for 14-15 May in Cork, Ireland. Whilst this has had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 situation, work doesn’t stop for the thousands of marine and maritime stakeholders across Europe, and their crucial work to observe and monitor our Ocean, manage and integrate datasets and apply this information and knowledge for the blue economy and wider societal benefit.

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Data displayed in this map were provided by the European Commission.