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European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet)

EMODnet Open Conference 2023

About the EMODnet Open Conference

The EMODnet Open Conference is a dynamic and collaborative hub that brings together experts, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders from across the marine and oceanographic fields. This event serves as a nexus for sharing insights, discussing advancements, and fostering innovation in the realm of marine data, observation, and mapping. Through a series of engaging presentations, interactive workshops, and networking sessions, the EMODnet Open Conference catalyzes the exchange of ideas and best practices, ultimately contributing to the sustainable management and exploration of our oceans.

The 3rd EMODnet Open Conference 2023

The EMODnet Open Conference 2023 is a public, in-person event taking place in the NH Bloom Hotel in Brussels, Belgium on 29-30 November 2023.

EMODnet continues to evolve and the 2023 Conference will be the first of its kind since the unification of EMODnet thematic services in January 2023. It will showcase the upgraded EMODnet Central Portal and the added value of a single-entry point to discover, search, visualise and download all of EMODnet’s marine data and data products, and the value of centralised features and functionalities.

During the Conference, EMODnet experts from the full partnership will present the latest developments and innovations in EMODnet’s in situ marine data services, user-interface and infrastructure to meet user and policy needs for a digital and green future. This will include EMODnet’s key role in the EU Digital Twin Ocean, including the creation of a common data lake between EMODnet and Copernicus Marine Service. It will also discuss how the EMODnet offer is evolving in terms of diversifying data collection e.g., citizen science, filling data gaps in existing parameters, resolution and geographical scope, expanding data parameters e.g., genomics, and increasing EMODnet’s offer of marine data and knowledge for societally relevant topics e.g., coastal vulnerability.

Data providers, collaborators and users across Europe and beyond will deliver testimonials on the crucial ways that EMODnet’s marine data, information and knowledge currently serves the marine and maritime community. This will include a spotlight on how EMODnet’s marine knowledge is used for regional sea-basin assessments and by Member States to implement EU policy, e.g., MSFD, MSP, in addition to EMODnet hosting National Maritime Spatial Plans.

EMODnet’s collaboration with the private sector will also be highlighted, showcasing how the Blue Economy depends upon EMODnet services for high-quality marine environmental and human activities data to support operations at sea, and how EMODnet is supporting businesses in data sharing and ingestion efforts, to maximise access to marine data, for the benefit of society.

The Conference will also showcase and explore EMODnet’s key partnerships including with SeaDataNet, Copernicus Marine Service, ICES, Regional Sea Conventions, with discussions on how the marine knowledge value chain and data flows can be further optimized, also in collaboration with Mission Ocean and Horizon Europe, to maximise the sharing and ingestion of data into EMODnet, and to better serve user needs. This will include a dialogue on how EMODnet not only powers the professional marine and maritime community’s marine knowledge needs, but also provides ocean information for wider society, powering the European Atlas of the Seas, an EC Communication tool for citizens that is increasingly used for Ocean literacy and education, including by the EU4Ocean Ocean Literacy Network.

EMODnet’s contribution to the Global Ocean Data Ecosystem will also be discussed, including new and emerging partnerships worldwide, EMODnet’s ongoing input to IODE and the Ocean InfoHub in terms of European regional best practices, and EMODnet’s active role in the UN Ocean Decade, including as a Decade Implementing Partner.

EMODnet Open Conference 2023 Programme

Consult the Conference agenda.

Virtual Exhibition/Abstract Submission

The EMODnet Open Conference 2023 has a Virtual Exhibition, providing extensive information on EMODnet and the EU Atlas of the Seas, accompanying the physical Conference. This also includes community posters.

EMODnet invites the community to submit abstracts for community posters. These are reviewed, and successful applications are invited to produce an electronic poster (A4 .pdf format) that can be uploaded to the Virtual Exhibition. Selected posters are given an opportunity to pitch their poster during the Conference Plenary.

Report and Media

EMODnet Open Conference report
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