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Bathymetry DataBox

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Available data and products


- Minimum cell water depth
- Maximum cell water depth
- Average cell water depth
- Standard deviation of cell water depth
- Number of values used for interpolation of cell water depth
- Elements relative to the quality of the data sources composing the DTM

DTM reference framework

- Horizontal coordinate reference system
- Depth reference system
- Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT) 

DTM Coverage

- Gridsize of ⅛*⅛ arc minutes available for:
- The Atlantic Ocean (Channel, Celtic Seas, Western Approaches)
- The North Sea and Kattegat
- The Western and Central Mediterranean sea and Ionian Sea
- The Iberian Coast and the Bay of Biscay (Atlantic Ocean)
- The Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean)
- The Aegean - Levantine Sea (Mediterranean)
- Madeira and Azores
- Baltic Sea
- Black Sea
- Norwegian - Icelandic Seas
- Canary Islands 
- Arctic region + Barentz Sea