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EMODnet Biology transitions from Phase IV to Phase V

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Consortium participants to the Phase V kick off meeting

From June 7th to 8th, the Biology consortium met in Crete, Greece, and online to wrap up Phase UV and kick off Phase V of the project. Those that were able to travel were extremely well received by our colleagues at HCMR in Crete.

During both meetings, the Work Package leads gave an update of the status of the project at the end of Phase IV and shared the workplan for Phase V. There was time for various discussions on specific details relating to data, products and other deliverables as well as other project related topics.

The minutes for the Phase V kick-off will be published in July, keep an eye out for further updates and link to the document.

EMODnet Biology have recently published the last Phase IV deliverable, which was pending the completion of the last data harvest of that Phase. The report on the standardization and integration of the proposed new and updated datasets can be accessed via the link.