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EMODnet celebrates EU marine data space partnerships at the kick-off of Copernicus 2.0

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Copernicus Marine 2.0 kick-off meeting virtual meeting room

On 17 February 2022 EMODnet experts joined the Copernicus Marine 2.0 kick-off meeting that set the course for the Copernicus Marine workplan 2022-2028. Kate Larkin, Deputy Head EMODnet Secretariat spoke in a Panel on partnerships across Copernicus service and with EMODnet, noting that EMODnet is a proud collaborator with Copernicus which includes partnerships at multiple operational and coordination levels, and that EMODnet together with Copernicus Marine are key EU data services delivering the EU marine data space, the marine component of the EU Green Deal Data Space and the EU ocean contribution to the UN Ocean Decade.

Copernicus Marine Service is a domain leader in satellite-derived data, modelling capability, forecasting and prediction and utilizes in situ marine data as validation for remote-sensing and as input to models. Copernicus Marine Service and EMODnet have strong collaboration at coordination and operational levels as two key, long-term marine data initiatives of the European Union with operational data flows, cross-validation of data, joint events, use cases, etc.