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EMODnet Chemistry at the Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Growth

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EMODnet Chemistry at Master in Sustainable Blue Growth. (©Image produced by OGS for the purpose of the news item; free for use)

The Master in Sustainable Blue Growth is an initiative jointly organised by the University of Trieste and the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) to contribute to the EU sustainable blue economy. This latter is one of the key pillars to achieve the EU’s environmental and climate objectives according to the European Green Deal and the Recovery Plan for Europe.

Started in January 2022, the Advanced Master includes three sessions of 15 days each scheduled for March, June and September 2022. Since 2018, the high level training initiative has trained new blue professional profiles with the skills to tackle climate change, understand the function of the ecosystem and manage sustainability. The OGS conference entitled "From good data to good decisions" was attended by 23 international students holding a master's or PhD in different fields of study ranging from marine science, environmental engineering and climate study, to coastal zone management and environmental economics. The Master is open to candidates from all over the world with priority to those coming from the Mediterranean and Black Sea countries. All information on the Master is available on the dedicated web pages.