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EMODnet Chemistry webODV Tutorial


webODV Tutorial

The webODV Data Extractor [0:00:10]

The webODV data extraction service allows users to subset the EMODnet Chemistry aggregated datasets in many different ways and to extract these data subsets in a variety of formats. The data extractor guides users through a sequence of steps: (1) select the station subset, (2) select the variables to be included in the output, (3) visualize the selected data, and (4) perform the download of the selected data. Stations can be selected by cruise name, geographical domain, date/time, and availability of data for specific variables. Supported output formats are spreadsheet (ASCII text), ODV collection and netCDF.

The webODV Data Explorer  [0:04:06]

The webODV data explorer service uses the new webODV interface, which mimics the user interface of the ODV software in the web browser. Look-and-feel of the webODV interface matches the ODV interface, and virtually all functionality and graphics output of ODV are supported. This makes it very easy for the large group of previous ODV users to get started with webODV and the webODV data explorer.

Direct access to the webODV Explorer and Extractor


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