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EMODnet endorsed as a UN Ocean Decade Implementing Partner

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United Nation Decade of Ocean Science. ©UN Ocean Decade

We are proud to announce the official endorsement of EMODnet as a new Decade Implementing Partner of the Ocean Decade in March 2023. As an Implementing Partner, EMODnet will enhance its contributions to Global Ocean Marine Data activities and consolidate its engagement and commitment to the Ocean Decade. Together with its partners, collaborators and network of experts, the EMODnet community will continue to promote the findability, transparency, accessibility and interoperability of ocean data and information, essential to underpin the generation of the knowledge we need to achieve sustainable ocean management at the local, regional and global level.

The implementation of the Ocean Decade envisages to transform the ‘ocean we have’ to the ‘ocean we want’, by facilitating the generation of data, information and knowledge. This involves the alignment of initiatives at local, national or regional levels around a set of common priorities, and to develop capacity that contributes to the sustainable development goals. Such target requires a strong global partnership to support. A ‘Decade Implementing Partner (DIP)’ is one of the structures under the Ocean Decade governance and coordination structures that contributes to the enhancement of global partnership and commits to the vision and mission of the Decade.

EMODnet is already a key contributor to the UN Ocean Decade in a number of diverse ways, and is devoted to continuously supporting the Decade across various actions and initiatives providing key data resources and services, data management/system expertise and know-how to improve the interoperability between the components of the developing global ocean data ecosystem:

  • EMODnet Secretariat is contributing to the UN Ocean Decade (OD) Data Coordination Group and Platform;
  • EMODnet is represented in various UN OD Actions/Instruments:  
    • DITTO (Digital Twins of the Ocean, Steering partner);
    • CoastPredict (Advisor role);
    • Ocean Best Practices (EMODnet referenced);
    • Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 (partner).
  • EMODnet contributes to demonstrations and training in ocean data and information stewardship;
  • EMODnet has set up an internal working group, the “EMODnet for the Ocean Decade Coordination and Implementation Group” (E4OD-CIG);
  • And many more. 


As an officially endorsed DIP, EMODnet will leverage its capacities and resources in an even more dedicated and coordinated manner, in alignment with other Ocean Decade Actions, in particular via the E4OD-CIG. The inclusive group, formed already in 2022 and open to EMODnet partner organisations, facilitates knowledge exchange, offers a platform for action-oriented collaboration, and mobilises support from expertise and the community in the context of sustainable development.

The EMODnet Secretariat, with input and guidance from the E4OD-CIG, shall keep track of and coordinate the different levels of engagement and support of EMODnet implementers to Ocean Decade actors and bodies, and develop a communication strategy to inform and further engage the EMODnet community. Dedicated Ocean Decade events such as workshops, coordination meetings and webinars will be organised to address priority data challenges, and other strategic Ocean Decade Actions will be planned.

Regular updates on EMODnet’s past and upcoming activities in the framework of the UN Ocean Decade will be shared via our website and monthly EMODnet newsletters.

EMODnet pledges continuous support for Ocean Decade Actions. Together with our dedicated partners, collaborators and stakeholders, we strive to contribute to the ‘ocean we want’.



Announcement of the endorsement of EMODnet as a Decade Implementing Partner on the UN Ocean Decade website  (© UN Ocean Decade).