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European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet)

EMODnet Geology extends its offer with new and updated data products on seabed substrate map for EU waters and the Caribbean Sea, and seabed erosion

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The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) programme is designed to assemble existing, but fragmented and partly inaccessible, marine data and to create contiguous and publicly available information layers which are interoperable and free of restrictions on use, and which encompass whole marine basins. EMODnet Geology compiles marine geological information held primarily by the project partners, most of them Eurogeosurveys’ members, with some additional datasets from other sources that are publicly available. During the past phase the project delivered data products at a scale of 1:100 000 or finer where the underlying data permitted, using the standards developed during the previous phases of the project. The main issue of the phase was to centralize the different thematic data portals into one single EMODnet Central Portal. This was achieved in January 2023 when data and data products from all seven thematic projects were released on the EMODnet Central Portal. 

By late September 2023 EMODnet Geology had finalized the centralization phase contract, with completely new as well as updated data products uploaded on the central portal. All data collected during the previous two years period were used either to update available data layers in already covered areas or to cover new sea areas. The greatest extension in areal coverage was gained with a new seabed substrate map added for our new sea area, the Caribbean Sea. This new map covers some 2.700.000 km2, in practice the whole Caribbean Sea. Also a completely new data product was added to the portal, seabed erosion, that includes available seabed erosion studies and related background information.

Now when EMODnet centralization phase is over EMODnet Geology is putting efforts on collection and inclusion of Caribbean Sea data to the geology data layers on the EMODnet Central portal. This was promoted by an invited delegate from the Caribbean network attending the EMODnet events in Brussels and introducing the Caribbean theme for all EMODnet Geology delegates and Conference participants.


Henry Vallius, EMODnet Geology coordinator

By the end of the original contract period EMODnet Geology started a two year’s renewal period of the contract. The project will during this contract renewal period follow the original technical tender, but all work packages have decided upon main focus points of activities which were communicated to all partners during the thematic geology meeting at the EMODnet Jamboree in end of November 2023. Main focus point of all work packages is to ensure collection and inclusion of Caribbean Sea data to the geology data layers on the EMODnet Central portal. A delegate from the Caribbean network attended the EMODnet events in Brussels and introduced the Caribbean theme to all Conference participants.

 EMODnet Geology thematic meeting during the EMODnet Jamboree, 27 November 2023 (©Henry Vallius)