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EMODnet migrates to a Europa web address as a first step towards centralisation

In 2021 the EMODnet Central Portal will move to a European Commission (Europa) web address. This repatriation under a '' subdomain reflects the long-term commitment of the European Commission Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) to EMODnet.

EMODnet, the marine data initiative of DG Mare, spans seven broad disciplinary themes: Bathymetry, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Human Activities, Physics and Seabed Habitats. The EMODnet Central Portal allows users to access data products from each of these themes under one single interface.

As announced during the 13th EMODnet Steering Committee Meeting in November 2020, the design will corresponds to EC branded harmonised websites, as with other Europa family EU websites. The scale of the move means that some URLs, or web addresses, of EMODnet pages will still be visible with their old address, but gradually all will be changed to have the '' sequence. 

The move should not affect EMODnet users because an automatic routing system will ensure that the old '' addresses (and thus any hyperlinks to such addresses) remain operational. As always, 'deep' links to low-level pages should be avoided.

During the transition period, between now and the launch of the new website, EMODnet will keep users informed of changes that may affect access to our information services, if any.