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EMODnet is showcased at OI 2024, the OI 2024 Special Edition Hydro International magazine and EOOS Technology Forum

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Ocean International 2024

At OI 2024, EMODnet Physics expert Patrick Gorringe from SMHI, took the stage in Session 1: "Accessible Technology: Needs of the Ocean Observing Community," shedding light on low tech, low cost, and low impact ocean technology solutions. His presentation highlighted the importance of accessible technology in meeting the diverse needs of the ocean observing community.

 In Session 3, "Data Quality Aspects of Accessible Ocean Observing Technologies," Dick Schaap from EMODnet Data Ingestion (MARIS) provided insights into ensuring data quality within the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) European data landscape. Schaap's presentation underscored the significance of reliable and high-quality data for effective ocean observation.

Another highlight was the participation in the 2024 EOOS Technology Forum, "Catching the Momentum in Ocean Observing Technology: Optimising Value and Data Provision," held on March 13, 2024. Organized by EuroGOOS with support from Jerico, Ifremer, EMODnet Chemistry (OGS), and EMODnet Physics (SMHI), this forum provided a platform for in-depth discussions on optimizing the value and provision of ocean observing data.

EMODnet also provided an interview for a feature article in the Oceanology International 2024 Special Edition of the Hydro International magazine. The article showcases the EMODnet offer and how EMODnet’s pan-European data and data provides inform understanding of environmental processes, underpin Blue Economy decision-making and operations and how partnership with EMODnet is a win-win!  Read more:" Hydro International #1-2024 by Geomares Publishing"