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EMODnet showcases European marine data service best practices at OBPS VII 2023

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EMODnet showcased its European marine data services and best practices at the recent Ocean Best Practice Systems (OBPS) VII workshop that took place online between 5-19th October 2023. EMODnet showcased its contributions to the marine data and ocean knowledge ecosystem in several sessions and across multiple workshops, including a joint EMODnet Secretariat - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) presentation on the use of ERDAAP, where EMODnet’s Conor Delaney presented how ERDDAP is integrated across all EMODnet thematics before a second presentation on the unified EMODnet services and se of OGC standards, amongst others. EMODnet senior advisor Jan-Bart Calewaert, co-chaired a session with NOAA to “Create a digital representation of the Ocean.” EMODnet Chemistry Coordinators OGS also presented on its contribution to OBPS and on EMODnet marine data flows and guidelines for managing data on pollutants, eutrophication, acidification, and marine litter.

On 12th October, EMODnet and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) jointly delivered a presentation centered on ERDDAP, with the EMODnet Secretariat’s Technical Coordinator Conor Delaney shedding light on how this technology has been effectively utilized to enhance marine data services, data subsetting, machine-machine harvesting, and more, with the EMODnet Portal having integrated ERDDAP across all its thematic areas. In addition, Conor Delaney, EMODnet Secretariat Technical Coordinator delivered a second presentation detailing how the EMODnet Portal, post-centralization, employs Open-Source Software and OGC standards to offer an interoperable web data service and map viewer. He emphasized that EMODnet's portal technology serves as a best practice and a reference use case in ocean data product publishing. Delaney also highlighted the pivotal role of EMODnet and Copernicus Marine data in the EDITO-Infra data lake, which is the backbone infrastructure of the European Digital twin Ocean.

EMODnet senior advisor Jan-Bart Calewaert, head of the data coordination group of the UN Ocean Decade, co-chaired a session with NOAA’s Ann Christine Zinkann for OBPS Workshop VII, focusing on UN Ocean Decade Challenge 8, titled "Create a digital representation of the Ocean."

Furthermore, the Oceanographic Group of the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS, which coordinates EMODnet Chemistry, also participated in OBPS Workshop. Their presentation introduced a questionnaire designed to capture field and laboratory information for chemical parameters submitted by data producers. This addition to the contaminant data flow aims to enhance transparency, data quality, reliability, and comparability. 

Megan Ann French, a researcher from OGS presented "EMODnet Chemistry: Open and Trusted Data, Products, and Services for Understanding the Evolution of Marine Water Quality" during the workshop. Her presentation highlighted EMODnet Chemistry's work in standardization, harmonization, and quality control of data collections and derived data products related to marine water quality.

French emphasized that the OBP repository already houses EMODnet Chemistry's guideline documents on data preparation and quality control procedures for contaminants, eutrophication, acidification, and marine litter. The introduction of the new questionnaire is a significant step forward, offering a comprehensive record of field and laboratory information for chemical parameters submitted by data producers, ultimately improving data transparency, quality, reliability, and comparability.

EMODnet's active involvement in the OBPS workshop reaffirms its commitment to enhancing marine data practices and supporting global initiatives for a more comprehensive understanding of our oceans.

For more information and to view presentations, visit the EMODnet Chemistry presentation. You can also watch the video of the

October 12th workshop session .