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European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet)

EMODnet's Key Role in the EU Digital Twin Ocean Project highlighted at EuroGOOS Conference 2023

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EDITO-Infra, a groundbreaking project, aims to establish a common digital foundation, often referred to as the "Data Lake," for the European Digital Twin Ocean. This ambitious endeavor seeks to create a comprehensive digital representation of Europe's marine and oceanic environment, enabling advanced data-driven applications and solutions. EMODnet, which has a long-standing reputation for collecting, harmonizing, and providing access to marine data, is at the forefront of this project. EMODnet's involvement extends to delivering the technical foundation necessary for the successful implementation of the Data Lake, along with Copernicus Marine.

As the European marine landscape evolves and embraces the concept of a digital twin, EMODnet's role in collecting and disseminating marine data becomes more impactful than ever. This data not only supports scientific research but also informs policy decisions and contributes to the sustainable management of European seas and oceans.