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EMODnet's Pivotal Role in Boosting the EU DTO through EDITO-Infra

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At the heart of EDITO-Infra's technical advancements lies the establishment of a comprehensive data lake. This innovative feature seamlessly integrates both EMODnet and Copernicus Marine products. Leveraging cutting-edge Open-Source technologies from the cloud computing industry, the data lake offers robust and scalable object storage, coupled with high-performance computing (HPC) resources. This combination is pivotal for enabling on-demand data analysis and the creation of sophisticated 'what-if' scenarios.

"EDITO-Infra’s" role extends to facilitating the development of advanced ocean models and simulation environments, as envisioned by the "EDITO-Model Lab". This sister R&D project is committed to developing a core model suite, utilizing a blend of modeling and simulation software, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and specialized tools. Collaboration with EDITO-Model Lab and other DTO initiatives, such as Iliad, DTO Bioflow, BlueCloud, DITTO, and others, is expected to revolutionize our ability to access, manipulate, analyze, and understand marine data, thereby enhancing ocean forecasting and climate prediction capabilities.

By providing fast and scalable access to EMODnet and Copernicus Marine products, EDITO aims to become a cornerstone for Digital Twins of the Ocean. This integration offers a significant opportunity for the EMODnet community to incorporate products into international digital twin initiatives, expanding the scope and reach of our work. Furthermore, the EDITO-Infra platform will be accessible to the EMODnet user community, providing access to state-of-the-art technologies and data resources that can be utilized to develop and enhance their research.

The EMODnet community's role in supporting EDITO is invaluable, with its vast expertise, knowledge, and data related to marine and oceanographic information. EMODnet is instrumental in the success of EDITO, and the commitment to developing and maintaining high-quality datasets, data services, and products enhances EDITO's capabilities and ensures seamless integration and collaboration between these two significant projects.