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European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet)

The First EMODnet Vision 2035 Drafting Group meeting

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EMODnet Vision 2035

At the 3rd EMODnet Open Conference in November 2023, an EMODnet Call to Action was launched celebrating EMODnet’s achievements to date, key emerging areas and a call for all stakeholders and actors in the large EMOD-network and wider community to have a say in EMODnet’s evolution. This set the stage for a community Vision on EMODnet to 2035, to be produced by the end of 2024. This will be a community view on EMODnet service evolution (parameters, resolution, coverage, data and data products, other services) to 2035, and key priorities in the context of the Green and Digital transition, EU and Global policy drivers, and existing and emerging stakeholder needs and requirements.

The EMODnet Vision Drafting Group (VDG) is facilitated by the EMODnet Secretariat, with diverse members from all EMODnet components, with the mandate to coordinate the development of the Vision 2035 document, to be delivered by December 2024. As a community activity, the Vision 2035 will consider views and inputs from EMODnet Partners, Associated Partners and the wider stakeholder community. The European and global marine and maritime community are invited to contribute to a public consultation in Summer 2024. More information on the EMODnet VDG and the public consultation will be made available on the EMODnet Portal by June 2024.