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Knowledge Hub on Sea level Rise: Survey to identify Sea Level Rise issues of interest

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The Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise (SLR) is a joint effort by JPI Climate & JPI Oceans, focusing on regional to local sea level changes in Europe. It aims to support the development and implementation of related policies at local, national and European level by providing a networking platform to promote exchange, synthesis, integration and generation of knowledge on SLR.

The EMODnet Secretariat are engaged in the activities having joined meetings of this Knowledge Hub in 2021, communicating the many EMODnet data and data products from EMODnet Bathymetry, Geology, Physics and more that are relevant for assessing sea level rise.

This survey aims to identify Sea Level Rise issues of interest to be covered in the scoping workshops and in the final SLR conference and is open until 21 February 2022..