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The latest EMODnet Chemistry Training Course held in Trieste, Italy

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Participants of the latest EMODnet Chemistry training course

On 30 and 31 January, EMODnet Chemistry organised a training course for all data providers. It took place in Trieste (Italy), the headquarters of the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS, which coordinates the project. The aim of course was to explain how to feed data into the EMODnet Chemistry data discovery and access service of the SeaDataNet infrastructure. The course began with an overview of the project, including its structure, scope, major achievements, key actors and main data management systems. It then introduced the file formats, vocabularies and software used to standardise and quality control the different types of data and metadata. Participants were also familiarised with the basic external service, namely the SeaDataNet data discovery and access service. Finally, a brief description of the functions of the webODV Explorer and Extractor was given. The course was attended by 51 participants, 45 of them in person, from 31 organisations and 29 countries. It was led by OGS and MARIS, the technical coordinator of EMODnet Chemistry and a group of 15 experts, including the regional coordinators and the work package leaders. Further information can be found in the agenda.


I would like to express my special thanks for all the efforts that contributed to the success of the EMODnet Chemistry Training Course 2024,” said, and continued: “I congratulate the trainers for their dedication in imparting knowledge to their colleagues and the participants for their interest and commitment. It was a real pleasure to see how much the whole network participated in the training. This training was really needed and the participation was very broad and active.


Alessandra Giorgetti, Head of the National Oceanographic Data Centre at OGS