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Map of the week – Nights spent at tourist accommodation establishments

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Summer is here! With soaring temperatures over Europe and the summer holidays quickly approaching, people are moving to the European coasts for the refreshing sea breeze, recreational beach activities and the many delicious seafood restaurants. Tourism is an important driver of the economy in coastal regions but may also adversely impact coastal communities and ecosystems. In order to asses these impacts and develop sustainable coastal tourism management, there is a need to track the evolution of tourism along the different European coasts. One way to do this is by measuring the number of nights people stay in tourist accommodation establishments in coastal regions.

This map of the week features a map of the yearly changes (in percent) of the number of nights tourist spent in accommodation establishments of coastal and non-coastal regions from 2012 to 2017. Have a look at how tourism in your country’s coastal region is changing.

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The data in this map were provided by Eurostat.