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MERIGEO: From Ocean to Coast: Geographic Information in Motion~ 3th Edition


  • 24 Nov 2020 to 26 Nov 2020
  • Remote Event

Ifremer, SHOM and AFB are jointly organising the third edition of merIGéo: From Ocean to Coast: Geographic Information in Motion. MERIGEO, is a French national conference dedicated to geomatics applied to the marine environment.

For more information:

The symposium will address the following themes, applied to the marine environment:   

  •    Imaging and remote sensing
  •    Time series
  •    Natural hazards
  •    Climate change
  •    Human activities: uses, pressures, impacts
  •    Sharing knowledge: information systems, standards, reference systems, etc

Through the following approaches and disciplines:

  •    Acquisitions, treatments, analyses
  •    Software and applications
  •    Research and development
  •    Participatory science