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More data from New Zealand in EMODnet: thanks MOANA project!

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MOANA data_EMODnet (©EMODnet Physics)

EMODnet Physics increased the amount of data available from New Zealand via the collaboration with MetOcean Solutions, the MOANA project and the Fishing Vessel Ocean Observing Network. The MOANA project, in particular, brings together 54 experts from across 14 national and international organisations that are trying to map, besides the oceans around New Zealand, local ocean dynamics which is extremely sparse, and not readily available to the people who need it, providing a more complete information about New Zealand’s ocean.

In the MOANA project historical and near-real-time ocean temperature and salinity data are collected through affordable novel technology to get more observations in New Zealand’s coastal seas and making existing ocean observations available to everyone.

The project developed a small, smart temperature sensor which can be attached to commercial fishing gear delivering more data useful to increase ocean observations in this region helping modelling our oceans better.

Making available New Zealand region’s data via EMODnet is a great achievement both for EMODnet Physics and ocean observations.

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