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New release: EMODnet for Civil Society video

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EMODnet for Civil Society

We are delighted to release EMODnet for Civil Society, the seventh video of a series of eight illustrating the fundamental role of EMODnet in society. 

The video sheds light on how civil society organisations can use EMODnet data to support their work, empowering citizens around Europe and beyond to make ocean-wise decisions. EMODnet can also help civil society organisations to share their data more widely, adding value to their work.

This is important because, whether we live close to the shore or far inland, we are intricately connected to the ocean.  We are part of a system of land, rivers, seas and ocean. The health of the ocean affects our lives and livelihoods, and the decisions we make can affect ocean health. Understanding these links is the first step in creating a more informed and ocean literate society.