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SeaDataCloud receives a “les Etoiles de l’Europe”, recognising its key contribution to EMODnet and the European marine data space

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EU research project SeaDataCloud was awarded a les Etoiles de l’Europe

On 2 December 2021, the EU research project SeaDataCloud was awarded a 'les Etoiles de l’Europe' recognising its important contribution to the marine data domain by the French minister of Research and Innovation as part of the Horizon Europe Summit.

SeaDataCloud is contributing to the further development of the SeaDataNet pan-European infrastructure which connects National Marine Data Centres across Europe, which has a close relationship with EMODnet. Collaboration includes sharing expertise and providing the data management infrastructure and “engine” for a number of EMODnet thematics, e.g., EMODnet Chemistry, that enable harmonised and standardised integrated datasets to be made available through EMODnet services, also making possible the development of added value data products, for all.