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Open Sea Lab II: The film, the report, the future

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©Dirk Leemans

We are delighted to announce the release of the film and report of Open Sea Lab II! We hope that these outputs reflect the openness, creativity and dynamism of this three-day, deep-dive into open marine data.

Open Sea Lab has captured the imagination of a diverse crowd in a way that few events in the marine data world can. It has provided an opportunity for those interested in developing innovative blue solutions to learn, to teach, to network and to create. The webcast of the teams’ pitches will give you some flavour of the ideas and prototypes developed by the participants (see during the three days of open data bootcamp.

But the creativity does not have to stop there, the wealth of resources (data, products, services, tutorials) provided by EMODnet, CMEMS, ICES and Global Fishing Watch at this year’s Open Sea Lab are all available at

So until Open Sea Lab III provides another opportunity to come together and develop even better ideas and solutions, we invite you to explore these resources and see what you can create; for your work, your business, your study or even just for fun. They are open, free and there for you to use. We ask only that you tell us what you can (or can’t) do with open marine data. And remember, ‘sharing is caring’, so spread the word!

On behalf of all the organisers, we would like to extend a huge thank you to all who participated in this year’s Open Sea Lab, as participants, coaches, speakers and co-organisers. Their enthusiasm made OSLII the success that it was!


This event was organised by the EMODnet Secretariat, in collaboration with VLIZ, Copernicus Marine and ICES, and with the contribution of imec and Marine @ UGent. Supported by the European Commission and VLIZ.