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Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Call for Abstracts 2023

A task force has been established under the IODE/IOC/GOOS Ocean Best Practices framework. This Task Team will identify common and accepted best practices already in use within the community for the observation of physical, chemical and biological parameters of the coastal ocean that will be applicable to the Southern Ocean. The identification of these practices will result in a best practices manual for observations and a set of measurements that are affordable, easily transportable, easy to use, and widely applicable. Do not miss the opportunity to present your work! Submit your paper.

Submission Deadline: March 24, 2023


A major challenge in observing the polar regions is access to the equipment and expertise needed to properly observe, qualify, and distribute data. These problems are often exacerbated by the lack of standard operating procedures or best practices, as well as the widespread belief that high-end equipment and facilities are necessary.

In a context where our scientific communities are questioning their resource consumption and the environmental impacts associated with their new technological developments,
and at a time when the 6th IPCC report calls for a drastic reduction of the human impact on the environment; this session proposes:
• to offer an overview of initiatives designing or promoting approaches that are better sized for their use, more robust, more sustainable and more economical in energy, raw materials and finances.
• to discuss the conditions where it becomes possible to reconcile sobriety and efficiency of measurement.

Better autonomy, greater resilience, but also a reduced cost or simplicity of use are all arguments in favor of the deployment of these new sensors in the complex and difficult to access environment of the Southern Ocean. Having such equipment and standardized methods available to scientists on sub-Antarctic islands and ships of opportunity will become a strong asset to address many scientific and applied research challenges in the Southern Ocean. 

Submit your paper by March 24, 2023.