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[VIDEO] EMODnet: supporting the offshore renewable energy sector

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Thomas Brégeon DG ENER on EU offshore energy targets

The ocean and seas around Europe offer an enormous potential source of renewable energy and will play a major role in achieving the EU’s ambitious climate goals.

EU offshore renewable energy targets for 2030 and 2050

This scale-up of ocean energy must protect biodiversity and consider other users of the sea. EU Member States will have to cooperate across borders in their planning and deployment.

To do this they need information about the state, capacity and human use of our ocean resources.

But where can offshore energy companies and renewable energy developers find the data they need?

EMODnet provides a global gateway to marine data and data products to support the marine offshore renewable energy sector. 

The release of the EMODnet for Offshore Energy film coincides with the European Commission presenting the European Green Deal proposals to reach Europe’s 2030 climate targets.



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