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EMODnet Welcomes three new Associated Partners

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EMODnet Associated Partners

We are thrilled to announce and welcome three new Associated Partners to EMODnet, each bringing unique expertise and a strong commitment to advancing collaboration with EMODnet in the areas of data sharing, best practices in marine data, information technology and data services, and expanding the users of EMODnet, including for the Blue Economy.

1. e-BO Enterprises

Established in 2000, e-BO Enterprises stands at the forefront of the marine and maritime industry, offering a spectrum of professional activities that extend across computing and various services for land, offshore, and vessels. With a profound commitment to the ocean data domain, e-BO is engaged in providing private LTE connectivity offshore, developing the Offshare application for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) control rooms in the offshore renewable energy sector, and delivering IT services and network connectivity to vessel operators and offshore wind farms.

One of e-BO's notable contributions includes the Incident Management platform utilized by the Belgian Coastguard component. This platform is responsible for safeguarding the Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in accordance with the Belgian Marine Spatial Plan and the Maritime Security Act of 2023.

2. Marine Centre Wales, School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University

Established in 2016, the Marine Centre Wales, School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University, brings a wealth of expertise in marine and maritime data-related activities. Their focus includes the development and hosting of IMARDIS (Integrated Marine Data and Information System), a cyberinfrastructure designed to meet the needs of the Welsh marine renewable sectors. Beyond data access through the IMARDIS portal, the Marine Centre Wales actively engages in advanced analytics and visualization of marine big data, employing artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches.

Having established existing links with EMODnet by providing access to data through the iMARDIS portal, Marine Centre Wales seeks to deepen collaboration by becoming an Associated Partner.

3. Puertos Del Estado

Puertos Del Estado plays a crucial role in the execution of port policy, coordination, and efficiency control of the state-owned port system in Spain, overseeing 46 ports and 28 port authorities. With a robust network of operational oceanography platforms, including coastal buoys, deep-water buoys, tide gauges, and weather stations, Puertos Del Estado contributes valuable ocean and met-ocean data to EMODnet (Physics).

Already collaborating with EMODnet, Copernicus Marine Service, and EuroGOOS through the Marine In Situ Coordination Group (MIC), Puertos Del Estado aims to strengthen ties by becoming an EMODnet Associated Partner.

In conclusion, these new Associated Partners will bring diverse perspectives and invaluable contributions to EMODnet. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration that will enhance our capabilities in marine and maritime data management and utilization. Together, we continue to build a stronger, more interconnected network to address the challenges and opportunities in the marine and maritime domain.