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Development of a new sea level product covering European Seas and the Global Ocean

31 Jan 2022

The Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) has developed a first version of a web application with the “Total Sea Level” variable. It consists of a shapefile with a dataset of “Tide Gauge” platforms from EMODnet Physics. Figure 1 shows the first demonstrator implemented with the buoy on Venice (IOC_VE19).

EMODnet Physics offers standardized and easy to use machine to machine services that offer data and data access to implement third-party applications. The CMCC service is based on these M2M tools.

The data from the EMODnet Physics portal allow users to analyze the information about the “Sea Level” variable; the related dataset is populated with a web request to the EMODnet Physics web service through a simple HTTP GET request.

The CMCC solution presents a demonstrator of end-user application and decisional support dashboard systems to support public authorities in their daily management activities.


EMODnet Physics Map

Copernicus Marine Service (CMEMS) In Situ Thematic Assembly Centre


EUSeaMap 2021 in EUNIS 2007 – Bay of Riga, Latvia
Fig 1. First demonstrator implemented with the buoy on Venice (IOC_VE19). Each buoy on the map is clickable and displays a line chart with two datasets, one for the output of CMCC Model and one for the EMODnet Physics observation.