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EMODnet Physics and OS-IS to provide reliable and continuous sea-state data

30 Nov 2020

Assist in Gravitation and Instrumentation (AGI) srl., was created as a spin-off of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF). They recently developed the OSIS®(Ocean Seismic – Integrated Solution) technology, which is based on high sensitivity accelerometers to measure the sea-state (waves significant height and period) from inshore land. This technology assures several advantages including; higher reliability, low installation costs, low maintenance and all components can be installed indoor. In order to function properly and assure accurate measurements of the sea-state, it is important to calibrate the OS-IS® system. During the calibration process, one of the main challenges to overcome involves finding the necessary data for calibration while at the same time making data accessible to all interested users.

EMODnet Physics' user-oriented intuitive interfaces made it straightforward for AGI to find and collect sea-state information. Namely, OS-IS® technology is capable to detect the closest platform capturing wave data. Furthermore, when OS-IS® is fully operative, it can provide continuous data for long periods and with limited interruptions.

For API, EMODnet offers the tool that allows all sorts of users to find and access OS-IS® technology which significantly improves the visibility of OS-IS® with new stakeholders and investors who might wish to install new OS-IS® stations data AGI is capable with.