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European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet)

EMODnet Physics & Data ingestion supporting outdoor activity planning and eco-friendly tourism

The in situ data and wave nowcast products provided by EMODnet Physics and Data ingestion are useful tools for Outdoor Portofino, a company that promotes sport tourism and environmental education, to safely plan activities and promote sustainability for eco-friendly tourism. The company offers a wide package of lessons, tour guides and renting for outdoor activities and promotes marine conservation projects. Operated in the Marine Protected Area (MPA) and Park of Portofino and in other areas of particular naturalistic and cultural interest in Liguria, the company is guided by a sustainability approach and the mission is to raise people’s awareness to an active, conscious and sustainable lifestyle in nature, and make sure that everyone can get to this result. For the nature of provided services, Outdoor Portofino team is continuously looking for ocean state data and products to plan the best activities for its clients. Although in situ data were collected locally, they were not accessible in an easy way.

EMODnet Physics and EMODnet Data Ingestion jointly approached the Portofino MEDA buoy data curator to make this valuable data shared with the community. EMODnet Physics is providing user-oriented intuitive interfaces that make it easy to find and collect ocean state nowcast information. Once ingested data was started being available from EMODnet Physics, hence accessible by a wider network of users. These information play a key role in the economic analysis and the correlation with marine weather conditions therefore helping the company governance in the growth strategy.

With this joint effort, we want to give our contribution in safeguarding the planet, reducing environmental impact, and educating people to an increasingly “outdoor” lifestyle.