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Identifying previously unknown soft coral habitats

01 Jun 2019

Outcomes:Authors used an Ecological Niche Model to identify previously overlooked areas of the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic, as areas containing soft coral habitats. The model could then be used for future surveys to target areas predicting presence of coral habitats and identify new priority conservation areas.

How EMODnet Seabed Habitats helped the user: EUSeaMap provided information on the distribution of rocky bottomed habitats across the study area.

CNRSThe French National Centre for Scientific Research

When was it used: 2016

What product was used: EUSeaMap 2010

How was the product used: Data on the locations of rocky-bottomed habitats across the study area were used in combination with other environmental predictors to undertake Ecological Niche Modelling, in order to investigate the distribution of suitable habitat of Paramuricea clavata.  

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