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Predictive mapping of seabed features within protected areas in Scottish Marine areas

01 Jun 2019

Outcomes: Authors were able to predictively model the extent of protected Annex I features within Scottish Marine Protected Areas, Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protected Areas, where survey data did not exist. 

How EMODnet Seabed Habitats helped the user: Data on physical variables were freely available for the areas of interest.

Nature ScotScottish Natural Heritage (Nature Scot)

When was it used: 2017

What product was used: EUSeaMap 2016,  light attenuation, wave and current kinetic energy at seabed.

How was the product used: Environmental variables that influence habitat type were used as inputs for the three predictive modelling techniques. By identifying relationships between habitats and environmental conditions, a predictive extent and associated confidence in predictions could be mapped. 


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