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Working towards reducing fisheries discards in the Mediterranean

01 Jun 2019

Outcomes: Researchers were able to produce GIS maps showing the spatial overlap between high discard rate areas and seabed habitats in case study areas of the Mediterranean.  This fed into a wider project, with the overall goal of eliminating discards in European marine fisheries.

How EMODnet Seabed Habitats helped the user: Data on seabed habitats were available in all study areas of the project.

Minouw ProjectMinouw Project

When was it used: 2017 (part of four year project).

What product was used: Habitat Maps from the Mapping European Seabed Habitats (MESH) project

How was the product used: The habitat maps downloaded were used to characterise habitat compositions of various locations across the study area.  This was then used to identify "hotspots" of high discard production.  Data on the potential total discard (PTD) from fisheries were overlaid with seabed habitat maps, identifying habitats where "hotspots" in fisheries discards could be observed.

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