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  • EMOD-PACE Deliverable 4.5 (6 MB) - May 2022: EMOD-PACE final report on the "Marine Resource-Environment Carrying Capacity and Spatial Development Suitability" approach application to Europe, showing the Bay of Biscay as an example". Short summary: Analysing the applicability of each sides models (i.e., the models used within Europe and China), by testing the European model for seabed habitats in Asian waters and the Chinese model for ecosystem vulnerability in European waters. This includes a description of the methodology used in the analysis.
  • EMOD-PACE Deliverable 4.4 (3 MB) - December 2022: This report details the collaborative effort between partners from Europe and China to deliver the first broad-scale habitat map for a Chinese sea basin, using the EUNIS (European Nature Information System) approach. The case study site selected for this work covers part of the Beibu Gulf, located in the north-western parts of the South China Sea. Included is a summary of the methodology used, as well as a presentation of the habitat map, its input layers and associated confidence assessments. Furthermore, discussed are limitations of the approach, applicability to Chinese sea basins and proposed next steps to improve in this work.


EMOD-PACE final project video (5 min)