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06 Oct 2023
Utilizing marine data for the design of a floating multiuse renewable energy platform

The University of Aegean is a partner in the MUSICA (Multiple Use of Space for Island Clean Autonomy) project, that developed a smart multi-usage of space (MUS) platform for the concurrent use of three types of renewable energy – wind, photovoltaic and wave – at small islands. The MUS also contributed to the advancement of a successfully tested multi-use platform (MUP), which was previously developed by the University of Aegean and the private company EcoWindWater. In the process of finding optimal siting areas for the MUP, MUSICA used EMODnet map services and data to highlight areas of potential constraints.

16 Jun 2022
EMODnet Chemistry Datasets provide high quality harmonised and integrated data to the Copernicus Marine Service Thematic Assembly Centre products

In the framework of the MoU signed between EMODnet Chemistry and the In Situ Thematic Assembly Centre (INSTAC) of Copernicus Marine Service, the version 2018 of the six EMODnet regional quality controlled and aggregated datasets for eutrophication and acidification were integrated in the INSTAC BioGeoChemical products.

27 Feb 2022
Training and technical assistance for timely improving the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) near real-time data management system

With over 300,000 water column profiles, in both coastal and deep sea areas, the National Oceanographic Data Centre at OGS manages the most comprehensive marine data storage in Italy. The multidisciplinary  archive includes data since 1909 up to now. It ranges  from physics to chemistry, from biology and geology to meteorology. Data are mainly collected by Italian institutions within the Mediterranean Sea basin, but also by other countries within neighbouring sea basins. Near real-time data are consistently integrated into the historical archive.

27 Feb 2022
Support to the OceanGliders component of GOOS

One of the main goals of OceanGliders, as part of GOOS, is to monitor and promote the activity of the glider observing network. The goal is not to provide data, but to document and give guidance on how to share someone’s glider activity, in order to raise their visibility and the visibility of gliders as whole, as concerns long-term sustained observing for societal benefit.